On the easternmost tip of West Virginia, where three states meet is the vibrant region of land that in 1801 was designated Jefferson County. From its location, Jefferson County kisses both Maryland and Virginia, however the county is decidedly a West Virginia entity. The county embraces the small-town lifestyle that been a significant factor in transforming urbanites from nearby Washington, DC and Baltimore into converted West Virginians.

The U.S. Census Bureau reports there are approximately 55,073 residents living throughout the 209.64 square miles that make up Jefferson County. The region is characterized by an intense natural beauty brought on from the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Shenandoah River. The area is so known for its stunning landscapes that singer John Denver immortalized it in his song “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”

Jefferson County home owners are never at a loss when it comes to natural parks in the area. One of the most important natural parks in the county is Harpers Ferry National Historic Park. This captivating park is situated at the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers around the historic town of Harpers Ferry, which is now home to many museums and informative sites on the country’s history.

Charles Town

Formed out of the rib of the more populous Berkeley County after residents complained of the long trip to the county’s seat in Martinsburg, Jefferson County established its own county seat at Charles Town in 1801. Today the city is home to over 5,000 residents and is a charming ode to the rich history of the region.

The small town is home to vibrant downtown area, which treats area home owners and their families to a number of interesting restaurants and unique shops. Always looking forward to the future, Charles Town embodies the entrepreneurial spirit that helps business owners make their mark within the community. Throughout the year, the Chamber of Commerce hosts small business Saturdays and other events in order to encourage fledgling businesses and the propagation of the town’s can-do attitude.

Economy in Jefferson County

Jefferson County is home to a diverse tax base. The county’s main economic driving factor in in medium-sized manufacturing as well as smaller businesses. Some of the larger employers in the county include Ox Paperboard LLC, Dalb Inc., Automated Merchandising Systems, Schonstedt Instrument Company and Burch Wood Products.

The state of West Virginia institutes attractive incentives to bring businesses to its counties, ensuring a strong employment base for area residents as well as strong local economies.

The economy of Jefferson County is strengthened by a low cost of living that allows home owners to enjoy the wide array of local amenities and entertainment offerings througout the region. The county is just a short ride away from all of the great cultural events and exhibits in Washington, DC and Baltimore, but is also home to a number of activities to keep families and individuals busy and stimulated in this stunning region of West Virginia.


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